ziya atar
a month ago
In a nutshell until this update

1)A bug in saving reports in rtf format has been fixed.

2)An option has been added to the connection to close the in-concrete steel plate in steel beam reinforced concrete connections.

3)Missing option menus such as plate hole  have been added to the joint menus.

4)Fixed an issue that occurred when copying in the spaceframe module.

5)Fixed an issue where the gusset count was not saved.

6)Fixed not transferring values ​​like fy fu of steel materials in sap2000 export.

7)Fixed the eccentricity issue in the truss even when the elements are connected from the center.

8)A new macro has been added to the program.  It can be used alone or on a structure without a support definition.


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For detailed information, I share the google search as a link. Dome 


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